It’s fun jesting about war strategy and who’s right and wrong from the luxury of our office chairs, but this has all got to stop.

99% of people live in peace without the help of Police, Governments and Armies. The only people who need them are the Cartels and psychopaths that want us to believe that what they own or have stolen is worth protecting. In reality, we have nothing. Not even your house is yours. If the only freedom we have are Rights that can be taken away, they’re conditional privileges – This isn’t worth burning innocent children alive for.

 I’ve seen 0 Police in 3 days, last week a few in cars driving important Cartel members to their designation and two asking a tramp to move on. Armed #forces are told to do things everyday that scar them for life, where everyday in the USA two good veterans commit suicide and 1 every 2 weeks in the UK do the same.

The only time I hear from #politicians is at the door during elections and when they want to saturate the media with agendas that secure their status and wealth. The Government treat us like we’re Persons – movable property – Personalty. Pharmaceuticals pay for the Right to commit murder by pumping innocent children with #vaccines in the name of ‘herd immunity’ and the UK Government compensate victims up to £120,000 if children end up disabled or die.

Bankers are given the Right to say ‘they’re by our side’, and then stab the Government in the back and then take our money to save their status and wealth to carry on enslaving us through credit and mortgages. George Soros an enemy of the people who crashed UK banking system for financial gain is given the Right to spend billions on funding Liberalist collectivist agendas within the EU and the UK that are breaking down gender, families and religions, as well as get away with child trafficking with the Clintons, the Vatican and the Royal Family. 

Technology, telecoms and scientists regularly use Law and Science to get around wilfully poisoning us and our children with invisible EMF rays, whilst constantly finding new ways to push advertising into our faces and making us more addicted to the Internet. 

Most people work so hard to the point where their kids come second. As a result, the children are left to schools and educational institutes that promote genderless LGBTQ propaganda – making it seem normal to have a certified mental illness called Transgender. They promote new masculinity and feminism to our boys who just need their Dads who are given the label toxic masculinity if they disagree with the Hate Speech agenda. Finally our children’s dreams are limited at useless schools that teach them how to comply to fictional authority; and teach them about ‘suitable’ jobs that match to their status and wealth. Sociopath and psychopath millionaires, billionaires, #lawyers, bankers and investors have open season upon our vital community services and direct our future like self-appointed demigod shepherds.