Why is that 99% of the people I talk to about my ideas, concepts and ways to transform my World or to get out there and broadcast an idea end up being thwart. It’s not their fault, they just see the World in their eyes, so when you get their feedback, you’re limited to their spectrum of understanding. I was about to embark on a huge undertaking that would have changed a big part of my life. The result of this undertaking if successful would have been incredible. The story in my mind was so personally fantastical that it wasn’t understood. Moving on from this, I’m not going to ask for opinions or discuss what I’m going to do. I’d rather clean up the mess of my own work, than to clean up the depressing thoughts in my mind of what could have been – This I’m sure leads to mental illness. I have noticed that all the great people advance themselves in a very lonely place, it’s rarely a team effort.